How much do you know about NASA missions in progress? How many countries does NASA work with on missions and the International Space Station (ISS)? What happens when the Hubble Telescope stops working? Does NASA launch rockets from Virginia? From the Earth to the Moon, exploring Mars and deep space, NASA continues to plan and conduct exciting missions. The James Webb Telescope is launching in 2021; the next Antares resupply mission to the ISS from Wallops Island, VA is launching in August; the Mars sample return mission is in progress; new missions to Venus were just announced; and 100+ student experiments will launch this summer.

The potential for new science discoveries and exploration continues to grow. Dr. Joyce Winterton will offer her insights into NASA’s work. During her 15 years at NASA, she has created education opportunities for students, educators, faculty, and community leaders both locally and internationally. She works with diverse teams conducting sounding rockets, scientific balloons, and airborne science missions around the world.

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Monday, July 26, 2021
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Good for Adults Age 55+
Arlington Public Library

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