Until Help Arrives provides fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to help us save lives until our professional first responders arrive.

Life-threatening injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. Emergency responders may not be nearby to help. Learn how to care for yourself and for others until they arrive. 

Learn simple skills useful in emergency situations:

  • Maintaining situational awareness
  • Identifying key life threats
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Move and position the injured
  • Provide psychological support and comfort to the wounded

This course is provided by Arlington County Emergency Management (ACEM) and the Arlington Community Emergency Response Team (ArlCERT).

*Please note: portions of the training will include pictures of graphic wounds and interventions, as the class teaches skills that stop life-threatening bleeding.

Thursday, February 25, 2021
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Events for Adults 18+ Only Good for Adults Age 55+ Good for Caregivers of Adults Good for Parents Good for Young Professionals (Lit Up)
Health and Fitness Registration Workshop
Arlington Public Library
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