Learn how to begin your new home search.

Melissa Cabral of Fairway Mortgage Corporation will walk you through the initial steps of the pre-approval process; from gathering documents to choosing a realtor and honing in on your ideal neighborhood. She will explain the very important difference between receiving a pre-approval vs. pre-qualification and how much stronger an offer is from a buyer with a bonafide pre-approval letter. She will also go through the ins and outs of a buyer's credit history and show you ways to bump up your score. Yes, there are programs for most types of credit situations - perfect credit is not necessary!

About the presenter

Melissa Cabral has been a licensed mortgage advisor with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation for more than 7 years helping clients achieve their ultimate goal of home buying. Prior to joining Fairway, she spent over 10 years working in cooperate commercial real estate investments which led to her passion for working directly with clients

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Eads Room
Aurora Hills Branch Library
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Financial Planning Lecture
Aurora Hills
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