Catch films at Columbia Pike the first and third Thursday of the month.

"Solo: a Star Wars story"

Years before he met Luke and Leia, before he helped overthrow the Emperor, Han Solo started where all heroes start: at the bottom. Join your most favorite scoundrel in the galaxy on an adventure you'll never forget! Throughout his death-defying adventures among the criminal scum of the Star Wars Universe, Han will meet the one who will become his closest ally, Chewbacca! Watch as Han matches wits with the infamous gambler Lando! Follow Han on the journey that will put him on course to his destiny.

Rated PG-13, 135 minutes. 2018. Directed by Ron Howard . Starring  Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, and Emilia Clarke .

Thursday, January 17, 2019
2:00pm - 4:30pm
Westmont Room
Columbia Pike Branch Library
Events for Adults and Grade 6+ Only Good for Adults Age 55+
Columbia Pike

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