How To Get Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Approved in Arlington

Would you like to earn some extra income by adding a rental unit to your property?

Our experts will discuss how the November 2017 changes to the housing code affected the zoning review process.


Join us to learn:

  • What qualifies as an “Accessory Dwelling Unit"?
  • How do Accessory Dwelling Units and mother-in-law suites differ?
  • How can you meet the zoning ordinance and building code requirements to get your ADU approved?
  • How can you best navigate the zoning and building regulations?
  • Do we need additional changes to the housing code affecting ADUs?

Considered an accessory (or subordinate) use, ADUs promote a greater diversity of housing and household types in single-family neighborhoods, while maintaining neighborhood character and underlying zoning. Whether ADUs are located within an existing one-family detached dwelling or a detached accessory building, they function as an independent dwelling unit with their own entrance, kitchen, and bathroom facilities, and are intended for occupancy by no more than three (3) persons.

Speakers will include:


Monday, October 15, 2018
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Barbara M. Donnellan Auditorium
Central Library

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