Queer Art Spaces have evolved significantly over the 20th century in America.

Learn about the major key players in queer art, places hidden in plain sight, the Gay Liberation Movement, Feminism, the AIDS crisis and how the culture wars impacted the rights of queer people in America in hopes of better understanding the significance of queer spaces in our modern society.

About the speaker:
Christopher Schoen has been working in the performing arts world for 15 years both on and off stage. They recently finished their Master's in Arts Management from George Mason University where they focused on marketing and nurturing queer art spaces. They hope that this workshop will help encourage conversation of the importance for art spaces that support queer artists and enhance the visibility of more vulnerable members of the queer community at large.

This event is part of our celebration of Pride Month.

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Free parking located at the 2100 Crystal Drive garage after 4pm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
6:00pm - 7:30pm
2117 Crystal Plaza Arcade
Connection: Crystal City
Events for Adults 18+ Only Good for Adults Age 55+ Good for Young Professionals (Lit Up)
Artist Talk Fun and Games Lecture Maker Music Workshop
Connection: Crystal City
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