Strange Lands Sci-Fi Book Club: "Beginning Operations"

Discuss Award Winning Science Fiction Novels

For November we will discuss "Beginning Operations: A Sector General Omnibus" by James White. 

Sector General: A massive deep-space hospital station on the Galactic Rim, where human and alien medicine meet. Its 384 levels and thousands of staff members are supposedly able to meet the needs of any conceivable alien patient--though that capacity is always being strained as more (and stranger) alien races turn up to join the galactic community. Sentient viruses, interspecies romances, undreamed-of institutional catering problems--it all lands on Sector General's doorstep. And the only thing weirder than a hitherto unknown alien species is having a member of that species turn up in your Emergency Room.

Book Club copies will be available at the Ask-A-Librarian desk at Central Library.

Meets on the third Wednesday of each month at The Java Shack in Clarendon.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Java Shack, 2507 N. Franklin Rd
Age: Adults 18+ Only Book Club Target Audience: Lit Up
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