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Join Central Library in welcoming Erika Howsare to discuss humankind's relationship with deer. Deer have been an important part of the world that humans occupy for millennia. They’re one of the only large animals that can thrive in our presence. In the 21st century, our relationship is full of contradictions: We hunt and protect them, we cull them from suburbs while making them an icon of wilderness, we see them both as victims and as pests. Arlington County recognized the potential threat of deer overpopulation on the health of our forests, and announced a Deer Management Project in June 2023.

But there is no doubt that we have a connection to deer: in mythology and story, in ecosystems biological and digital, in cities and in forests. Delving into the historical roots of these tangled attitudes and how they play out in the present, Erika Howsare observes scientists capture and collar fawns, hunters show off their trophies, a museum interpreter teaching American history while tanning a deer hide, an animal-control officer collecting the carcasses of deer killed by sharpshooters, and a woman bottle-raising orphaned fawns in her backyard. As she reports these stories, Howsare’s eye is always on the bigger picture: Why do we look at deer in the ways we do, and what do these animals reveal about human involvement in the natural world?

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Thursday, May 30, 2024
3:00pm - 4:30pm
Quincy Room
Central Library
Events for Adults
Author Talk Sustainability and Environment
Arlington Public Library

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