Learn how to safely use the Glowforge laser cutter.


In addition to our in-person Glowforge classes, we are offering a self-guided certification option. This self-guided presentation will cover the basics of laser cutting, safety procedures, and the Glowforge app. Previous knowledge of design software is recommended, but not required. 

How Self-guided Glowforge certification works: 

  1. Register for this Self-guided Glowforge Laser Cutter Certification posting.
  2. Do not come into the Shop on June 28th for class. Instead, staff will email the course materials to those who are registered. 
  3. Students must review the course material.
  4. When they are finished reviewing the course materials, students should reserve the Glowforge before the end of July. 
  5. Students must complete the Maker Waiver Agreement and have a verified library card prior to using the Glowforge for the first time.
  6. When students arrive in The Shop for their first use, they will first need to pass a basic safety quiz. 
  7. Staff will go over the basics of Glowforge use before students are certified to use the laser cutter on their own.


*Staff reserve the right to deny a first-time Glowforge booking for staffing or other reasons.

Not able to make a first-time reservation within the month? Late first-time reservations cannot be accommodated. Please sign up for a later in-person or Online Glowforge Laser Cutter Certification class. 


Registration is required. Ages 18+. If you are registered but are unable to watch the Glowforge presentation and make a 1st time reservation with the same month, we ask that you cancel your registration using the link found in the registration email.

For more information please contact 703-228-7718 or email LIB-Makers@arlingtonva.us.

Friday, June 28, 2024 Show more dates
12:00pm - 5:00pm
The Shop
Central Library
Events for Adults
Maker > Shop Class Technology > Training
Arlington Public Library
Registrations open at 12:00pm Friday, June 14, 2024

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